Old wood
What could be better than helping something old and treasured become something beautiful, durable, sophisticated and timeless? Our timber has had many lives… It started off in the forests of Latvia, providing us with air that we breathe, shelter for various creatures inhabiting it and aesthetic pleasure for those wondering by. Later, it was used as building materials for our homes, so that we could escape the bitter cold, and now it will warm your house as a beautiful GROODS product. In its 100 years, our timber has lived many lives, and now as GROODS it has reached its ageless form.
Crafted in Latvia with-love, care, attention to detail and most importantly respect for the material!
About design thinking. Business leaders have not yet fully embraced it as a means of managing the constant pace of change in today's climate. This process is an essential tool that will give entrepreneurs the edge they need to succeed.
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When creating our pieces, we only use recycled wood. It has already lived once before- as part of partition walls, floor coverings, the framework of a house or beams in the ceiling. Each one of the planks or boards we use has its own history to tell. Maybe it was used in a country house built at the time of World War 1, an 18th century manor house in the middle of Riga, building in the old town or a forgotten country estate forgotten and abandoned. With our products, we want to keep this sense of history alive, so we do our best to preserve the individual characteristic each peace of timber already has.
By treating the imperfections, we are left with material that has the most exquisite texture and character. Some of the wood has already been artistically enhanced by both, our ancestors and wood-boarers, leaving us with stunning pictograms and intricate carvings.
We only use natural ingredients and organic materials to elevate the raw beauty of our products. The materials will never harm us or the timber we use.
The timber is brought in the modern era by combining it with metal. Wood and steel; when combined, these two magnificent materials create the sort magical harmony we all love.

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